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Welcome to the Hang Onto Your Hat blog.  It's about Hanging on, Holding on, and sometimes it's about letting go.  No matter what photos I am creating, there is a story to be told.  Weddings and Engagements, Flowers and Beauty,  Portraits, and even times of loss through the death of a loved one, or the end of a relationship.

I believe that photos are art--a form of expression.  They be the giver of gifts, the healer of wounds, the keeper of memories.  Most importantly, they are the teller of stories.


Still Falling In Love

August 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Just what is "falling in love"?  Is it your heart beating a little bit faster when that person walks into view? Thinking about them whenever they are gone?  Seeing them the same as the day you first met, even though physical appearances may have changed in the eye of anyone else?  Perhaps it's knowing that there's no one else you'd rather spend the rest of your life with, and you love them more than you did the day before.

I met Latonya and Dean at the Green Bay Botanical Garden (back again!) for an anniversary session.  Such a sweet relationship they have, and fun to be with.  Huge hearts that care for others beyond themselves.   And when they looked at each other--still falling in love.

Happy Anniversary Latonya and Dean.  Love each other more, every day.

So Much Love

August 09, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Green Bay Botanical Garden.  Olde 41. A couple with a carefree spirit of love.  It was a good wedding.   Rick and Amber's wedding ceremony at the Green Bay Botanical Garden was simple yet elegant, a gathering of friends, family, and heartfelt emotion.  The music from the string quartet echoed through the garden as Amber and Rick said their vows, the overlook in the background giving a glimpse of the world they would soon enter together.  Their tears and laughter even as they exchanged rings brought smiles to those who were there to witness their vows.  Laughter...genuine laughter at a wedding ceremony is a good thing.    Their reception at Olde 41 combined timeless elegance with a casual atmosphere, as family and close friends visited and celebrated this wonderful couple's love.   A few quick photos before the storm rolled in, followed by a brilliant rainbow as the rain still poured from the heavens.  And then they danced.  So much beauty wrapped up in one day.    Amber and Rick, may your married life together be even more wonderful than the day that started it all.  Thank you for letting Hang Onto Your Hat Photography be part of that.

Many blessings,

Kris and the amazing second photographer Vicki.


Rainbows after the Rain

June 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A metaphor in the making.  An outdoor ceremony.  Dark clouds roll in, threatening to upset the hours of work that have occurred all morning long.  The clouds give way to sunshine..beautiful sunshine.  Paper streamers and paper airplanes float in the air.  Vows and kisses, hugs and smiles, dinner and toasts.  With only minutes of warning , the wind picks up, the clouds blow in and the heavens open.  Guest huddle beneath the tent or the park shelter, at times bravely running from one area to another.  Some have umbrellas.  Some simply dance in the rain.

The DJ pumps the music, and with laughter the feet begin to move.  The rain is forgotten. The couple's first dance.  And then the rainbow.  A bright shining double rainbow.

Everything about the day--a capsule of life.  Plans so carefully made. For a moment life is calm.  Clouds in our circumstances come and go, little problems working themselves out.  Sometimes without warning, life turns into a storm, swirling around.  We turn to each other or to our faith and find shelter and courage.  We emerge from the storm stronger than we were, and we see some good that came from them, sometimes doubly blessed.

Alison and Josh's wedding was more than a metaphor.  It was downright fun.  It was a wonderful time of families joining together, a celebration full of love and smiles and hugs, and people who really loved rock and roll.

Alison and Josh, your love has what it takes.  You have a beautiful family, and I love that you got to stand beneath the rainbows.

Best Wishes,




Why Family Photos Matter

June 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I often find myself smiling as I edit photos.  It's as if each photo takes me back to the day I took it, and I remember everything I felt that day.

Alicia and Gary met me in Wausau for family photos.  It had been a few years since they last had family photos done.  They are a wonderful family and we had a great time.  We captured one moment...one sunny afternoon in June of 2017.  My hope is that they will look back at the photos and remember all the events of the summer, the years before and the years that follow, just by looking at a picture.

Today is Father's day and I posted a temporary profile photo on social media.  It's a picture of my dad surrounded by my 4 kids.  The quality of the photo itself is not very good.  But the memories...my mom had died 2 months before the photo was taken.  My dad was out for one of the first times since.  We went to my husband's parents house, and as the 4 kids ran around in the back yard with squirt guns and water balloons, my dad began to laugh for the first time in months.   I look at the photo and see small children...I look in my house and see young adults and teenagers.  Yet I remember all the emotions of that day 7 years ago, just by looking at the photo.

Anyways, back to Alicia and Gary.  They have a beautiful family, warm hearts, and wonderful smiles.  And now, they have photos to last them a lifetime, to capture the sound of laughter, blue tongues, and the moments that flee all to quickly into the future.



June 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

There is a special kind of love that you see, when one person looks at another and you understand, that person is all they see right then and there.  Adoring looks, adoring touches, a special smile or glance.

Sarah and Wyatt's wedding was beautiful on so many levels.  The venue of Pioneer Creek Farm in Lomira, WI was almost dreamlike, with rolling hills, ponds, trees, and a beautiful barn.  Sarah's flowing dress and flowers in her hair were perfect for the occasion.  The men dapper in their suits.  The bridesmaid glowing.  Stringed instruments, and an outdoor ceremony in sunshine that poured down with nearly as much force as the rain had an hour before.  Hayrides, yard games, campfires and s'mores.

The beauty that shone like no other was Sarah and Wyatt's love.  They would look at each other and it was clear.  He adores her.  She sees only him.

Those are the weddings with magic all their own.

Congratulation Sarah and Wyatt!  I hope that 50 years from now when you look at each other, you see the same light in each other's eyes as you saw today!


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