Weddings on My Mind

May 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I am so excited for wedding season to really get into full swing, I can hardly stand it.  In my mind, I'm already smiling as I think of meeting, or seeing again, all of the couples that I'll work with this year.

For someone who didn't grow up as a "girly girl," I surprise myself.   Perhaps I dreamed of a prince charming, but I didn't dream of weddings.  I didn't spend time gazing at beautiful white dresses, dreaming of floral arrangements as fine as nature itself, think about the look in my love's eyes as I walked down the aisle.  I didn't see stars as I thought of a first dance.  I never dreamed of capturing love through the lens of a camera.

So how did I become addicted to weddings.  I love every minute, every second that I'm at a wedding, and not just because I'm taking photos.  I love the getting ready--the hugs, the tears, the makeup and laughs, running to get a curling iron because the bride forgot hers, or putting my camera down to hook the buttons on the bride's gown (with a bobby pin).  I love it when the groom and his men are goofing off, showing machismo instead of nerves, like this is just any normal day of their lives.The guests arriving, the musicians with gifted voices or instruments beyond what I could imagine.  The groom, waiting for his love, wiping tears from his eyes as she walks down the aisle, shining brighter than the diamond on her hand.

The vows, the glances, the squeeze of the hands as they tell each other in a private language, "we got this."  The joy, the clapping, the laughing and handshakes from friends and family that have hearts full of well wishes.

The dinner, the toasts, the faces relax.  The stress is gone, the party is here.  More secret looks and smiles, "our lives are only beginning."  The first dance--slow and graceful, lost to the world.  Awkward and clumsy, they are all staring at us.  The father cries, the mother hugs a symbolic dance of giving their child to another.  The music, the lights, the dancing.

Being part of this, over and over again.  At times with those who are little more than strangers when I arrive, and thought we may not be close friends when the night is over, we know that our lives paths have crossed for reasons we know, and some we know not.  And when it's time to go, if it weren't for the fact that my feet are killing me, I really hate to leave.

I still look back at Jaimee and Brock's wedding from about this time last year, and smile at the memory of a true Wisconsin wedding, and a couple who simply melted into their love for each other and that of their family and friends.  Thank you Jaimee and Brock for allowing me to be part of your day, and I look forward to everyone I will meet at weddings this year!


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